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Rubbish & Waste Clearance EC4 | Fleet Street

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Rubbish Clearance Fleet Street | EC4

Commercial, Shop & Office Rubbish Collection/Recycling Services EC4 | Fleet Street.

Commercial, Business Shop & Office Rubbish Collection/Recycling Services EC4 | Fleet Street.


Fleet street is the famous street in the city of London where newspaper publishing began around 1500 when William Caxton's apprentice, Wynkyn de Worde, set up a printing shop near Shoe Lane, and made Fleet street the centre where all the major national daily newspapers were printed.  Fleet Street is now a bustling, busy road full of businesses and visitors enjoying its many historic pubs or taverns.

Waste collection vehicle Confidential Shredded Waste Our Collection Vans

Fleet Street with its many offices, shops and side alleys is part of our regular rubbish removal and recycling areas.  Call us today for a free low cost quotation.  Clients love our rubbish collection 'load and go' services in Fleet Street.


Bassett Waste recycling offers secure disposal of redundant, obsolete or unwanted computers and office equipment.  We cannot be beaten on service or price.  Recycling includes unwanted toners and ink cartridges, fluorescent tubes, fridges, furniture and any electrical items in accordance with WEEE Regulations.

Disposal of Electrical Appliances & Recycling EC4 | Fleet Street

Computer, TV's, Fridges, Home Appliances WEEE Recycling EC4 | Fleet Street

  • Electrical Equipment
  • WEEE waste Disposal
  • TV's, Audio Equipment, Radios, Printers, Cameras
  • Fridges, Electrical Cookers, Kettles, Toasters,
  • Hair dryers, Electric radiators, Electric fires
  • Boilers, Controllers, Power sources, Transformers
  • Electric Fans, Batteries


All of the items listed above are all subject to WEEE Regulations for electrical goods.  The list above is by no means a full list as all electrical items are covered by these regulations, including things like electric blankets, childrens' electric toys and of course gardening equipment like electric lawnmowers and so on.

WEEE regulations are important for the correct recycling of electrical appliances as incorrect wasre disposal will put our environment at risk of pollution that no one wants.

We operate a flexible WEEE collection service for EC4 | Fleet Street and you will find that we will make sure your electrical rubbish is taken away correctly and legally and that no damage to the environment from contamination occurs and WEEE regulations are observed.

Under Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, all businesses must ensure that any waste produced is correctly stored whilst on the premises and is transported and disposed of by a licensed waste carrier

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House Clearance
| Office Clearance


Office & House Clearance Specialists - Leave the Heavy Work to us!!!


Not only do we remove junk & rubbish for recycling, we also offer document destruction, collection of unwanted electical equipment including, washing machines and refigerators, laptops and LCD Screens, mobile phones, unwanted batteries for recycling to WEEE regulations.

Rubbish Clearance Services EC4 | Fleet Street

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We offer very low prices for electrical waste (WEEE directive) disposal or even free for large quantities. We are so often used where security is paramount, and complete destruction of hard drive data is essential, as well as the secure destruction of sensitive documents for the protection of client's businesses.  Your confidentiality is assured as well as sensible recycling.

Houses, Offices, Shops & Buildings Clearance, Electrical Waste WEEE Recycling, Furniture, Fittings, Partitions & Fixtures Removed & Recycled, Confidential Documents Waste Disposal.

Office Clearance Services EC4 | Fleet Street

Partial and full clearance services for offices.

Office Clearance Services   Rubbish Collection


Confidential electrical waste disposal of hard disks, files and documents using correct methods to ensure they are properly destroyed.  Beware! Un-shredding of documents is now an established practice for poorly shredded documents, but not after Bassett Waste destroy them for you!

Fleet Street EC4    St Brides Church  Fleet Street

(i) Gough Square (ii) View of St Brides Church just off Fleet St (iii) Fleet Street

As our vehicles are in and around EC4 | Fleet Street most days of the week, it's quite possible we can give you a service on the same day.  We offer a speedy efficient service for many clients.

Guidance for Collections EC4 | Fleet Street

When you call us, we will want to know what type rubbish we are collecting i.e. electrical waste: cooker, scrap metal, printers or a complete office clearout.

We also collect builders rubble and waste from refurbishments etc.

It would be helpful if you could also provide an estimate of your load size e.g. based on a standard skip, in order that we bring along the right man-power and an appropriately sized vehicle.

We will arrange collection in EC4 | Fleet Street at a time that is less disruptive for your business which can include weekends and Bank holidays.

Carter Lane EC4
Carter Lane - one of our Rubbish Collection Areas

Ask for a Rubbish Collection Quote EC4 | Fleet Street

You will find our rubbish & recycling quotes extremely competitive, and certainly cheaper than other refuse collectors operating in the area.

As a responsible Licensed Waste Carrier we are currently recycling up to 80% of all the rubbish we collect.  Rubbish Collection times are pre-arranged and we are flexible and will try to meet the clients' requirements.

Our Service is fast, reliable and efficient.  Our working drivers are polite and will undertake extra tasks if required by agreement on extra costs involved.  We are determined to satisfy our customers' changing needs and encourage sustainable recycling in EC4 | Fleet Street.


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